Mentorship Programs Overview

Mentorship with Dr. Jimmie Reed

God is calling the Remnant to come together and spread the Good News of the Gospel during these times. It is important for us, as His children to seek Him with all diligence. It is time we really focus on hearing from the Lord and sharing what He is saying to us in the earth realm. Dr. Jimmie Reed has taught, mentored, and activated many people in the prophetic. Are you ready to really hear God and experience the Manifestations of the Sons of God?

Manifestations of the Sons of God

Studying the gift of prophecy, dreams, visions, and other manifestations of the sons of God? Desire to go deeper? Join Dr. Reed in her mentorship program and grow in hearing, sensing, seeing, and more by the Spirit of God. Click below for more information.

Hearing the Voice of God

Do you desire to learn how to hear the Voice of God more clearly for yourself and others? Join us for this powerful time of learning about how God speaks to His children. Gain knowledge and confidence in hearing from our Heavenly Father. This program will equip you to effectively spread the good news of Jesus Christ!