november, 2021

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Many saved…freed from drugs…delivered from depression & hopelessness

Dr. Jimmie Reed's Mission

To provide leadership training that will encourage and guide you to success.

Dr. Jimmie Reed is a Prophetic ambassador who has passion for helping people in both the business world, as well as, the ecclesia. Her heart’s desire is that others come into the knowledge of “who they truly are” in Jesus Christ.

The earth is crying out for the manifestations of the sons of God. We are co-workers and co-creators with the Lord Jesus Christ and are designated to manifest in the earth that which is in the heavens. Assisting others to mature into their position, Dr. Reed offers classes, workshops, and seminars on developing your gifts and skills for the work of the ministry. Her work in the marketplace focuses on leadership training and how leaders are to use their gifts and talents to inspire, build, and position teams for sustainable success.

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november, 2021

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