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Let Me In:
Experiencing the Supernatural Power of God in the Church

It is time for us to learn to be familiar with the realms of the spirit and allow heaven to move into our corporate gatherings. We must decide if we are willing to forsake man’s order in our gatherings for God’s divine order. Time is running out. We need the impartation of fire from God to enter into our very bones and posture ourselves to receive what He desires to deposit. 

It is time to let the Lord into our hearts and services to do what

He desires to do — manifest His glory.



Becoming An Extraordinary Leader

A systematic, methodical, and practical instruction for becoming a person of influence and impact…Dr. Jimmie Reed takes you from developing the fundamentals of leadership in your life to reproducing and releasing the next generation of leaders out of your life…A must read!


Now is My Time by Dr. Jimmie Reed

Now is My Time

Releasing God’s Power In This Season, is an invigorating study on the seasons of time. It is a must read because it illuminates the very presence of God that resides within us and enables us to experience a more supernatural relationship with Him. Your heart will ultimately rejoice as you discover the fullness of seasons that pertain to life itself.

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Weathering Transition

Weathering Transition

God has ordained seasons of transition for His people in order to set His Church on the new course of revelation He desires for her. God’s heart is to see the restoration of all things in preparation for His Son’s soon return. Weathering Transition will help you understand, face and grow beyond these seasons of challenge and change to come out as the victorious bride Jesus is awaiting.


Who Me, Prophesy? by Dr. Jimmie Reed

Who Me, Prophesy?

This book addresses some questions God’s people have about prophecy. It is especially for those who are in denominational churches and don’t have much knowledge about this anointing or those in charismatic churches that have strong traditional standards.

It’s my desire that you develop an understanding of the ideals that surround hearing the voice of God. It’s not my intent to come against any denominational beliefs, but rather to encourage you to grow in your ability to hear God’s voice. Through practical examples, examination of the Word, and prophetic activation exercises, you’ll be increased and released in a new way. I believe many of the misconceptions and myths that surround prophecy will be cleared up.



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